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Sunnybank Architecture
Sunnybank Inn is is a Victorian Italianate structure on the corner of Walnut and Broad Street in Hot Springs, NC.  Sunnybank has seven bedrooms, six porches, a music room, a commons room, two dining rooms, and a kitchen with a well-loved cast iron stove.
There is a garden in the back, and a fire pit that sits below swaying pecan trees.  The Appalachian Trail runs along the sidewalk right in front of Sunnybank.  If you follow it for a couple of blocks you will find the main part of Hot Springs, where the outfitter, post office, visitor center, pub, gift shops, art gallery, library, and laundromat are located.  The famous Hot Springs Mineral Spa is just a 10 minute walk from Sunnybank Inn.
 Innkeeper, Elmer Hall
For over three decades, I and fellow staffers have had the privilege of learning and honing the craft of hospitality with thousands of guests and trail hikers from all over the country and world.  Living here on the outer margins of Mallville and Macworld, amidst snake handlers and vigilantes, we have continued to try and create a workable synthesis of good place, right work, and simple living.  Inspired by the ancient hospitality
traditions of Taoist and Zen mountain inns, we continue to provide shelter, sustenance, and sanctuary to those who come our way.  Our goals are to offer our guests a warm environment that is sane, safe, and supporting;  to serve the best and healthiest vegetarian meals as graciously as we can;  and to offer a window to an older, traditional, and more civilized way of living.
Sunnybank continues to be a unique place and after my many years here I am still amazed by what it calls forth and gives to those who meet in its matrix.  Thanks to you for having been a part of that continuously spinning web of guest, host, and Inn.  I hope to see you soon as one of our workshop or retreat participants, as a hungry Appalachian Trail hiker, or a regular guest who loves to soak and saunter in these blue ridges.      -Elmer Hall
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